Are you ready to finally integrate the embodiment of your dreams? Are you ready to journey back home and meet the fullness that you are with arms wide open. Are you ready to gain more clarity as to your multidimensional nature, your lineage patterns, your unique subconscious physiological responses, how to befriend your body and your Nervous System. Are you ready to be able to meet life and creation from a state of safety instead of fear? Are you ready for more harmonic unions as within and so without? Are you ready to finally claim your voice, claim your power, and set yourself free!?

I am ready to meet you wherever you are and hold your hand as we cross that threshold together. To help you feel safe, seen and understood as you untangle your false belief systems, shed your former selves, outdated patterning, your self-protective responses and coping mechanisms, and anchor into your divinity, your highest potentials, and Oneness with all that you are. 

Life is allowed to be easy, joyful and feel safe. And I'm here to help guide you there.

What you'll receive in the Mentoship

Yoga at Home


I’m so very grateful for Kristen. She holds the most exquisite space for me to show up in all my true vulnerable feelings and does so with sincere compassion and without judgement. She listens to me pour my heart out. I feel safe, heard, seen and understood. She has this way of reframing that is beyond beautiful. She is able to shed light and bring clarity. She is so powerful in guiding me back to my highest path reminding me of my gifts and who I truly am. Kristin is a gem in my life. She has supported me through some of the most heartbreaking and beautiful moments of my life. She is a gift. She is intentional. Conscious. Supportive. Intuitive. Brilliant. Mindful. Full of love and integrity. And I’m beyond grateful to have her as a healer in my life. I recommend Kristin for anyone that wants to do deep transformational heart and soul work. It was a honor to heal with her. Her medicine is magic and her heart is gold.  - -- Jamie Michelle


If you're serious about investing in this offering and are ready to make a serious financial investment, you can book a free 15 minute Clarity call below so that we can talk about your intentions and what you're seeking to receive from this space and to see if we resonate x