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This space is for those who are seeking to continue expanding, who are ready to integrate more of their wholeness, who want to step into more safety within their body and call back their power to have more conscious control over what's happening within their inner realms and their response to the world around them as well, and who are desiring deeper support as they're moving through their own unique journey. For those who long to be more embodied in the present moment, who know there is so much more to their existence then just their physical nature as we'll be talking a lot about the subconscious, subtle realms, energy, the emotional body, and the Nervous System, who yearn to experience deeper understanding as to all that is manifesting in their world, who could be greatly assisted with weekly guidance and inspiration to help keep them on their most aligned path…


My main intention for this space is to help you feel seen and to truly allow you to receive so much more understanding and awareness as to your Nervous System, inner child parts, emotional body, and Subconscious, which are dominating your life as these are our autopilot; controlling a good 90% of what we feel, think, do, say and how we connect with ourselves and the world. I believe this is where everything in life is stemming from, our foundation, and so if we can gain more information, acceptance, and control over these parts, if we can learn how to see them and meet their needs, offer them safety, help them feel understood, then they have no need to still be present and we'll be able to actually stay present instead of the past having influence over each NOW moment. We'll gain more power and peace over our life and the world around us no matter what is occurring. We'll be able to resource and access our own truth instead of needing to seek it outside of us.

This is where all great change begins.

This is where we finally get to come back home.


NOW, let's dive in to all that you get to receive...



I will start each month by delivering to you an outline of the energies that are coming in as opportunities for you on your highest path. This will include gateways, portals, themes throughout the month and anything else that I feel you need to know to support you throughout this time. Every week I will then deliver you practices, tools and further content to keep you in alignment and grounded. These can come in so many different forms. I work as I am guided with the energies at that present time and space so to be more specific is quite challenging, but the way I work is that I am able to interpret underlying energies on behalf of the collective. I see what is rising and releasing within the whole and I’ve always been told that I seem to show up at the most divine time with the perfect thing to say and here will be no different. This is my gift of service to you. To give you what you need to power through it all and to remain in your heart as much as you choose to.

below is a non-inclusive list of more information that will be heading your way so you can feel if this service resonates with you...

- helpful assistance especially for sensitive and empathic souls
- mind/ body connection
- how universal energy is impacting/manifesting for us physically and how to best flow with it and overcome it
- tips on how to push through trauma, fear, anxiety, and stress
- empowering wholeness and embodiment



You will have access to a portal space which will have for you....

- Voice recordings

- Written content

- Mini courses

- Q + A - every month I'll record responses to 10-20 questions from Members

- Interactive worksheets, journal prompts, self-discovery questions to support you throughout the month and help you dive deeper into the energetic support that's present for you 

- Guest Speakers

- Videos

- etc.




- Rapid and constant change, transformation, upheaval, resets

- Throat Chakra - purification, strengthening, and massive integration

- Reclaiming your Voice, Power, Authenticity outside of societal, religious, cultural and familial imprints, so the truth that is most unique to you and not based off of what someone else told you to be or who you feel you had to be to find safety

- Shedding and releasing co-dependent patterns and outsourcing who you are

- Learning how to resource, support yourself, be safe within yourself, face yourself and stand on your own 2 feet

- Bringing safety to our self-protective parts so you can stop living in the past and come back into the present

- Nervous System Regulation always and forever

- Stepping into more of your Sovereignty and Divine Self-expression

- A lot of healing and cleansing around the less evolved masculine and Integration of the Divine Masculine who then holds space for the Divine Feminine to be safe to be all that she is

- Starting to show up and face our self, instead of running, avoiding, resisting and abandoning the Self

- Anchoring in more of the Divine Feminine qualities of nurturing, support, compassion, kindness, gentleness, tenderness, honor, nourishment

- Finding safety in all of your self-expressions - YOU ARE SAFE TO BE WHO YOU ARE - ALL OF YOU IS WELCOME HERE!

- Greater union between the masculine and feminine internally and collectively

- Freedom and liberation from old and outdated identities because we're safer to be and express our authentic selves

- Harmony and balance - greater giving and receiving because our safety allows us to open back up to fully give who we are and thus we get to receive in that full magnitude - boomerang effect

- Emotional release of unresolved and stuck energies - finally allowed to flow through and back into the light
- Energy is continuing to move very quickly as we are in a time of rapid evolution so more seems to come up and be triggered especially from a deeper place but it also is flowing outward even quicker

- Unplugging from past conditioning and the unraveling and dismantling of outdated patterns that no longer serve the highest of the Self or the Whole

- Embodiment



Your power being your voice, your choices, your truth, your actions, your ability to cultivate inner safety to resource instead of looking for your identity outside of you, what you give energy/life to, who you connect with, what you listen to/absorb, what you engage with, etc.

+ rapid and sudden change + transformation, upheaval, RESET
+ the ability to support our self on our own - healing co dependencies and fear of the Self
+ looking at ways we Self-abandon out of fear of the Self and bringing more of this unresolved energy into resolve so it no longer holds power over us
+ lots of shedding and rebirth - this can feel like a sense of being completely lost and not resonating with anything at all as you discover a new Self

+ conscious creation - this helps you return to your true power and also helps the divine feminine anchor in here even more - so being more aware of what we’re choosing and creating with
+ awakening more of our divine self-expression - your voice, your power, your truth, your sovereignty, your freedom to express yourself fully and authentically
+ reclaiming higher levels of our own power
+ allowing what’s been repressing your power to be healed - so massive fear from the deepest level coming up around the safety to be the Self
+ abundance and support if you choose to allow yourself to receive it
+ clearing what's blocking your ability to receive (these blocks are always fear based)
+ new identities - stepping into more of your empowered and sovereign Self
+ continued generational and lineage contract clearing
+ continuing to clear up past identities and let them go!
+ new beginnings from a more empowered foundation, so this could mean new relationships, new moves, new work, new studies, new patterns and habits we're creating
+ courage to speak your truth
+ freedom through empowerment
+ coming back into greater balance through giving and receiving
+ letting go of ways in which we over give, over extend, over exert ​​in order to get something in return​
+ anchoring in more of the Divine Masculine which is to stay and sit with each wave and emotion as it rises within us. that we are safe to be with and embody the Self
+ anchoring in more of the divine masculine as well in becoming our own protector, stability, sturdiness, strength



- AUGUST 2022 ENERGY REPORT - A voice recording of August's energy, energetic themes, powerful dates, self-discovery questions to support you in working with the monthly energies that will be helpful with all of the other content and information I'll be sharing throughout the month



- SELF-ABANDONMENT - the trauma and reasons around why we self-abandon, ways this can happen and show up, what state of the Nervous System this manifests from and how to regulate this part of you and bring it into safety both physiologically and emotionally, lots of Nervous System tools

- BOUNDARY SETTING - A short course will be created and recorded for you about cultivating loving boundaries


and whatever else my soul guides me to share in alignment with present energy or what is to come.

this is an investment in your highest. this is an investment in self care. this is an opportunity for you to return home and to be guided with grace. to show up for your self this time. to finally live all of your days as they were intended to be spent.

Please note that this content is subject to change slightly due to our current times if I feel it is of the highest of the souls receiving it. Thank you for honoring that I work in the Now moment.


Below, I've answered a bunch more questions that can help you determine if this space resonates with you...


You'll receive ...

Clarity + Understanding

In this space I'm going to share so much about our multidimensional selves along with energetic insights which is how I read the collective and universal energies. This way you can see from a larger perspective what's happening in your life. It's my hope that as you understand more of your totality and the Universal laws that govern manifestation, you'll have more peace because you'll be able to identify where you're still co-creating from your subconscious and generational patterns so that you can reclaim your worth and step into your sovereignty.


All of the Empowered information I share will help you identify, unlearn, cleanse, purify and release all outdated patterns, imprints, attachments, cellular memory, false belief systems, etc. that no longer serve you so that you can relearn, integrate, and embody your higher self, the you that you've always desired to be.

Self-Healing + Self-Empowerment

My intention for this space is that you receive so many Nervous System regulation practices, tools, information, insights, and understanding to help support your own unique and individual path. That you receive guidance and encouragement as to help you overcome your own triggers, dysregulated states, and resolve past traumas and anything else that may be imbalanced within your being.

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