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This listing is for 3 individual 60 minute sessions. Buying this package saves you $89 off 3 sessions.

I receive messages every single day from those seeking advice, support, clarity, and guidance as to experiences that arise or from triggers that they are experiencing and also from those who simply just want to connect with me. Many ask if this can just be done over the internet as they aren't always comfortable on the phone or being so vulnerable in person, but could access more of themselves through this type of space so I decided to create this listing for all of you who have been asking me for it and who would feel more safe speaking in this way. As the call, So the echo. It also assists me as I can more clearly stay in my own energy field and receive even more heightened guidance to support and assist.


Right now these sessions are open and reserved for women as I am dedicated to assisting the Divine feminine in restoring balance. These sessions are also for anyone 18 and over. You also do not need to have a background in anything spiritual, etc. to work with me.


Once you purchase this listing I will go ahead and message you as soon as possible. We will set up a time hopefully within the next 24-72 hours, as long as my availability with other sessions is free, to connect and schedule your session.

This listing is created because with many of my clients we do follow up sessions or continue to work together and I wanted to offer a discount for those committed to this work and their highest evolution.


This 80 minute session will be done over texts or Whatsapp App, which is a free international texting service or whatever other service the client prefers.

During this time i'll include several voice recordings for the client if the client is comfortable receiving these with all of the guidance coming up so that you will have the information we covered to go back and listen to if you're in need of further support. This has been a favorite aspect of these online sessions for clients as with direct phone calls you can't go back and access in the future.

During this session I will reserve this time specifically for the client and dedicate it solely to help you through whatever you going through.


First I will begin with asking you about whatever's is coming up for you and your reason for connecting in with me and seeking my assistance. As you begin to open up I may have questions that come up to help get a larger more integrative picture of your situation. Then as information starts to flow I will record a voice-note back to you with everything that I am receiving. You can offer your questions, comments, etc. after this point in which we'll go back and forth - another voice-note may possibly follow, or text if you're more comfortable with that and then we'll end with me offering my advice about how to best move forward and then anything else I can recommend for you. If I feel any of my affirmations or invocations, guided meditations etc. resonate with your situation and can highly benefit you I will then send them to you for free. x



- you need help identifying what subconscious patterns are still co-creating resistance, blocks, and hindrance to your highest embodiment and potentials and then how to rewrite them and heal internally so that the outside world then reflects that internal vibrational shift.

- you need some last minute support/assistance, a lifeline of sorts, a light in the dark tunnel, some strength beneath your wings to help propel you through whatever has currently come up for you

- life is just getting very overwhelming as you're moving through tough lessons and seeking clarity

- for big events that come on "randomly" to help gain some insight as to what could be underlying them

- for times when you are triggered and need assistance seeing how you can heal this underlying energy

- for guidance as to how to move forward through something that you're having a difficult time with

- to help you return to your highest self-empowerment and Divine self-expression  

- if you just want to talk to me and feel some loving support from someone who sees you through the eyes of non-judgement and who knows what its like to be so incredibly empathic in a really expanding and sometimes very heavy feeling world right now

- for reminders of your resilience, energetic nature, infinite capacity and Divine birthrights

- for any questions you have regarding your energetic nature or whats occurring on the planet right now

- if you need suggestions as to certain practices for cleansing, grounding, forgiveness, love, balance, creation, chakras, invocations and affirmations, etc.

- and anything else that your heart desires - this is for you!


After our session I will also send you any material we talked about on the phone that can assist you moving forward FREE OF CHARGE as a part of your session. This can be my Guided meditations, Invocations, Affirmations, Practices, Visualizations, etc. that apply directly to your healing and self-empowerment.

I truly pray and intend that I can be in highest service to your most beautiful and unique ascension.
All my love, Kristen