Meet my 78 card Self-Empowerment Affirmation Deck!

I created this deck because I always want you to know and have reminders no matter where you are of how capable you are. How much light you’re made of. That everything is working for you. That you can conquer anything. And that you can create, at any moment, any life that you desire.

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much joy giving or receiving anything in my life! I wanted to create something inspiring that would always be there to remind you of your worth, light, and strength. That could carry you back to your highest empowerment because that’s what you are truly worthy of.

This listing comes with:
- 78 Tarot size Self-empowerment affirmation/inspiration cards

These Tarot size cards are printed on matte card stock. You can throw them in your wallet, car, next to your bed, nightstand, mirror, fridge, frame them, give them to friends, share them with your community, pass our at retreats or ritual events, and shower your own self with their light filled words and reminders daily.

The content on the cards has to do with self-empowerment, reclaiming your worth, boundary work, self-acceptance, remembering that you're the creator of your life, and belief in your power as a Divine being.

I truly hope you love these as much as I do and that they serve your absolute highest embodiment.

I absolutely am so joyous to work to create custom orders - certain card amounts, card styles, collaborations - or Wholesale orders. Please just message me through here or my personal email kcsuhran@gmail.com.

Highest Blessings and may you never stop chasing the Light

Self Empowerment Prayer I wrote for you to repeat to your beautiful self:

Dear self,
I give you permission to never again stay anywhere with someone who makes you feel small, limited or restricted in your expansiveness or in your becoming
I give you full permission to restore your courage and strength and to walk away the second your light is dimmed, your heart is mistreated or your soul feels threatened.
I re grant you permission to remember that your radiance is welcome here, its needed- like it is truly really needed, it’s a part of your gifts, your divinity, your authenticity and it’s ok if another can’t see it or worship it or stand in it comfortably.
I re grant you permission to never stop shining, to never stop growing, to never stop allowing your self to become more especially for another’s comfort, but instead to continue to endlessly widen, expand, to shift, and to soar.
I regrant you permission to be.  To just be.