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To provide greater awareness as to relational discordance, understanding & repair within connection

  • 1 hour
  • 288 US dollars

Service Description

This is for 1 60 min. session together . Our Nervous System is our center of relation, so the way we show up/connect in relationships is based off of how we were taught to show up/connect with ourselves in childhood, which was based off of how our parents/caregivers showed up for themselves, each other, and us when we were moving through conflict, emotion or heightened expression. This is where all of our attachment styles stem from and where all unmet needs within the Self reside that we often put onto our partners and too expect them to meet. In these sessions together we'll talk about how to nurture, support and meet your own inner child and set you free from the ways in which you might unconsciously be looking at your partner too, we'll talk about any patterns that are continuing to attract in partnerships or connections that are surfacing in ways that may feel unsafe, dysregulating, harmful, dysfunctional, or toxic. I'll help resolve relational discordance, navigate how to move forward in your relationship in a healthier way for both you and your partner, how you both can begin to find more safety within your connection if you're willing to, how to process grief if you're navigating an ending or break up, how to end something if it is in fact no longer in service to you and so much more!! Once you purchase a session you are automatically agreeing to all of You are Luminous LLC.'s policies that are stated throughout my site, so please purchase intentionally. If you're a no show, meaning I call you for your session and you don't answer/show up, the full price of the session will be kept.

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