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My journey holistically self-healing trauma + depression + chronic illness + rediscovering the light


Kristen is a way shower, an example of overcoming, a strong transmitter of empowerment, and a pillar of the Ascension Flame. She is an advocate of never-ending compassion, self-acceptance and self-healing and helping others reclaim their power to rewrite their story and manifest a new reality for them self that reflects truly what they deserve.

She has used her soul lessons, a toxic and dysfunctional lineage, trauma, immense fears tapped into immediately upon incarnating and a life-changing car accident as a portal to awaken her soul's true potential. She has taken her darkness, although so uncomfortable, and allowed it to be seen to gift her with so much knowledge of her power and purpose and to illuminate her purest light through her resilience to constantly rise as she walked forward with the remembrance of the sacred contract she made with the divine. She uses this wisdom of her multi-dimensionality and her understanding of the subtle realms, the higher reasoning as to why everything that manifests here does, to stand as a beacon of truth and hope for others who, too, are searching for their way back home and to process their life experiences through grace.

Kristen helps to remind us that each moment of this life is a gift despite the illusions that come with this physical reality and that our soul has divinely orchestrated the arrival of each experience and each connection on our behalf as a sacred opportunity to learn from, to grow from and to expand from. She empowers and encourages others to always choose to see through the eyes of love and with this gift she has helped so many lives all over the world take back their sovereignty to rewrite their cells and to shift and to return to their heart.

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