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Once a payment has been made towards a Mentorship, the rest of that Mentorship payment is due within the time allocated for that Mentorship.

Exp. If you sign up for a 4 week Mentorship, the entire payment must be made in a 4 week time frame.


Please show up on time, if nothing else for your own self as this is the time you and I have set aside to work on your self. If you do happen to show up late for a session, please note that that time will be deducted from your session and we will begin from that point with the remainder of time left. I have set aside this time as well as you have and have taken it away from other work and other clients so please show up on time to get the most out of your energy exchange.

I also ask that you please be respectful of the time allotted for you and that the session will end promptly when time is up. If you like to add more additional time on we can absolutely do that, please just ask me.

I also ask that you please respect my own energy and refrain from messaging me on my personal number outside of sessions. My inbox is always open but my personal phone is my space for my self. Thank you for honoring my energy and my being in this way.


Outside of immediate emergencies, I need to be notified 48 hours in advance if you are unable to make our scheduled session time. If you are a no show, 50% -100% of the total payment will be kept by me as reserving this spot for you takes away from other sessions, work and financial income.

In Mentorship cases, if you go 1 month without showing up to book your additional sessions in or to communicate with me where you're at in terms of your mentorship and why your other sessions and/or payments for your Mentorship have not been made or been booked in, I own the right to discontinue our time together and keep the payment that was sent to me as that time was allocated for you and taken away from other potential clients.

Once a session and Mentorship has begun you owe the remainder of the payment.

Once a session has been completed and a Mentorship has begun, this sale is final.

Also, please refer to the Disclaimer below.


Refunds will only be offered if there a is an emergency and the client needs to cancel a session or Mentorship and it has been talked about and agreed upon together with both parties.

Please note that once we have gone through with your first Mentorship session there are no refunds offered for any length of a Mentorship together.

When you sign up for a Mentorship, I am allocating that length of time and space for you, which means I have to say no to others, please respect that.

It is also the client's responsibility to show up for their Mentorship by booking their sessions in, showing up to complete course material, honoring the practices talked about in the sessions, reaching out for outside support if they need it based off of the time allocated for additional support as shared in their initial welcome email, not Kristen Csuhran's.


Please honor my time and your own and show up to your sessions. I understand emergencies happen and I honor that, but I just ask for respect that this time I have set aside for you and worked my other sessions and life around for is used for the purpose it was intended to so that you also can receive what your soul was desiring too. Thank you so much. 

If a client doesn't respond within a half hour of the time allotted for them I own the right to cancel the session and not reschedule that particular session along with keeping the client's payment as I was present for our time together.

If a client disappears during a session or during a Mentorship length and I've waited throughout the entire session for for 1 months time without hearing from them, I own the right to keep the money already paid to me.


Please note that the information shared in this space or through any content produced by You are Luminous across any platform, along with any and all information shared during the time of a session or Mentorship as well as any content shared through my courses, social media accounts, etc. is in no way a substitute for medical or mental care nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure, heal, or prevent, but only to assist alongside any other treatments that may have been prescribed to the client. Please do not discontinue use of any medication, supplements or disregard advice from any trained medical professional. Kristen Csuhran, the creator of this content and facilitator of our work together, is not responsible for the actions of the reader, her clients, and their personal choices made out of their own free will.

When you purchase any item/listing through this site and work with me 1-on-1 in any way, you automatically agree to YOU ARE LUMINOUS LLC's policies stated here and on my sessions page.

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