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Everything you need to know about this course is shared below...
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What is The Mirror?


The mirror is a 6 week self-guided course that can help you get a clearer understanding as to how your Nervous system is working and not just yours but the Nervous system of those around you. That you understand how you are responding and reacting to life is a reflection of the state of your Nervous system.

And because our Nervous system is relational and it was developed in connection, it’s most mirrored back to us in connection as well.


What's Included in this 6 week Nervous System Course:

- 6 weeks of greater awareness, clarity, knowledge and so many new multidimensional ways to understand and support your Nervous System and entire being to be in more harmony and an overall state of safety and allowance for all that you are

- self-guided so you can move about at your own pace!

- 10+ hours worth of recorded content going over all of the educational materials

- 350+ pages of educational material

- 50+ pages of worksheets, guides, practices, journal prompts, affirmations, self discovery questions

- 100 + self and co-regulating practices

- Weekly Q + A's to answer your personal questions and offer personal support

- and so much more!!

Below is the information that I'll be covering each week in this 6 week Nervous System Course which will help give you so much empowerment and new understanding as to how you can further support your whole being.

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Who this course can be most supportive for:

- you're a therapist, teacher, holistic health practioner, etc. ready to bring new Nervous System understanding to your practice and clients


- you’re seeking understanding and clarity as to what's happening in your body or how to get back into your body


- you’re stuck in chronic states of stress, dysregulation, anxiety, panic, disassociation, depression or shutdown and desperately want a new way to exist


- you're ready to enjoy life instead of feeling like you're just getting by all of the time


- you find yourself continuously repeating cycles and reliving the same life everyday and want clarity as to how to change it


- you're really tired of feeling like things will never change and you have to feel this way forever


- you feel afraid to feel your emotions, thoughts and to express yourself


- you're ready to understand yourself and others in a way you never have before which can help bridge so much detachment from others actions and words and realize it's a reflection of them


- you're seeking clarity as to how to heal and resolve all of the parts of you that are still seeking to have their needs met, expressed, and nurtured

My why for creating this course:

There's honestly so many reasons why I felt guided to make this course and why I'm so passionate about sharing this information with you...

3. I truly believe that this information can change absolutely everyone's life for the better and offer them with new ways to understand how they and others work along with supporting them in a direction where they're able to feel so good inside, at One with them self and not afraid of life, feelings or the sensations that they may feel inside of them. I know for a fact that there's another way to show up and to live, that there can be more ease, peace, harmony and I am so grateful to hold that space to show you the way there.

4. When I hear a lot of people talk about the Nervous System and share tips on how to regulate, almost 90% of what I'm seeing and hearing isn't actually supporting people and mostly it's doing harm in terms of actually causing more dysregulation. There is so much foundational understanding to be had that will actually support you to regulate. There are no blanket regulating tools as we must regulate every single time based off of the state that our Nervous System and parts have moved in to and this is dominantly what I will be teaching you in this course... what are the different Nervous System states, how to identify them through the nature of your thoughts, emotions, feelings, expressions, behaviors, sensations, etc. and then most importantly how can you help this part/state feel seen so it can truly move back into a state of safety. We only self-protect, so self-protection is anxiety, depression, withdrawn, panic, etc. when a part feels unsafe so once we can bring it safety that those symptoms cease to exist or we may feel them, but with much less intensity and fear to feel them.


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Below I've gone ahead and tried to answer some questions you might have about this Course. If you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me via the contact form on the bottom of the page, or at


Please note that the information shared on this website or through any content produced by You are Luminous LLC. and Kristen Csuhran across any platform, along with any and all information shared during this Understanding and Supporting your Nervous System Course is in no way a substitute for medical or mental care nor is it intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent, but only to assist alongside any other treatments that may have been prescribed to the reader. Please do not discontinue use of any medication, supplements or disregard advice from any trained medical professional. Kristen Csuhran and You are Luminous LLC. is not responsible for the actions of the reader, her audience, her clients, or anyone else, and their personal choices made out of their own free will.

When you purchase any offering by You are Luminous, you automatically agree to all of YOU ARE LUMINOUS LLC's policies stated throughout this page, my website, and on my Shop policies.

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