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more about this Mentorship

Even though I will be holding space for 6 more women in the final round of this Mentorship container, I have created this offering to be bio-individual, which means we won't be meeting in a group setting, I will be working with each one of you 1-on-1 to make this an incredibly intimate, safe and personal experience for you, as I know working with big emotions, trauma, release, safety, and the Nervous system is nothing short of the most deep and vulnerable journey of the Self and it’s absolutely not always comfortable to allow ourselves to be seen as we navigate the most beautiful waters that are us in our full magnificent nature.  

This work also always needs to be done individually because your Nervous system and your physiological responses are unique solely to you based off of your past life experiences, your past-life experiences, your lineage, your trauma, your childhood, how your parents responded to stress, other things going on within your own being, your unique soul mission in this lifetime, etc. My intention here is to help you get to know you in an even more profound sense, mentally, emotional, physically, and energetically/spiritually. To help you remember home as this space inside and that it is so very safe to reside there and witness and feel all that you are. Also, the ways that you will need support and co-regulation or self-regulation are going to also differ based on your unique physiological responses and states YOU dominantly move into, so again, I want this geared towards how I can best uphold and support each one of you powerful women individually.

I also know from working with other clients and working in other containers that it can be quite easy to compare our journey to other people and that often times it can leave us feeling like we’re behind in another is moving towards where we want to be faster than we are. I never want you to feel this because there is no such thing as being behind. You’re moving forward unique to you, your past, your belief systems, your Nervous system, and there’s no way all women are going to retrain their Nervous System and move into their new embodiments and future desired state in the same way at the same time because you each have individual things to move through to get you there! You also each have such unique soul paths, missions, relationships, childhoods, trauma, etc. so I always want to honor you and allow you to be the focus of support in our time together and allow you to gain the full belief in exactly where you are and where you want to be! Your journey, no matter what it’s looked like and what it’s felt like has all been for a reason, and we’re going to help reaffirm your power to view it as such and to help make it feel more safe.


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