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You’re allowed to be stuck. You’re allowed to feel lost. You’re allowed to reach out for help. You’re allowed to receive guidance. You’re allowed to receive healing. And you’re also allowed to receive more. To be back in flow. To gain clarity. To turn inward and find your own strength. To reignite your own sacred gifts. To see the Divine reflected in your own being and I AM guessing that's why you’re here. Because you're ready. You're tired of receiving less than. You're choosing better for your self.


Well, I am so honored to be in service to your highest and to light your way back to that version of yourself. To support you through the becoming. To witness your rise. To be the mirror for your own divine return. And to allow you the space to see how capable and powerful you are as your sacred Birthright. I am not here to heal you, but to hold the space for you to return to your own healing abilities, to help you heal your self. To remind you of the tools you’ve been blessed with all along to handle whatever life is asking you to grow through. That no matter what, you have what you need internally to get through it all.


I consider myself to be an Integrative energy doctor of sorts. Let's say for example you get physically sick, you're experiencing all of these symptoms that seem maybe unrelated and so you go to a holistic or functional medicine doctor and instead of the Doctor just addressing the symptoms, and giving you a bandaid to throw on top or suppress what you're feeling, they instead dive in and want to get to the root of what's causing them, looking at all aspects of the self to get a clearer picture of what's really going on to treat you and provide true healing - bringing you back into wholeness, wellness, and balance. Well that's what I do but with your energy field and subconscious. A client will come to me explaining all of these different things going on in all different areas of their life, different connections, experiences, traumas, relationships, maybe illness or diseases that are going on, the way these experiences, diseases, connections or relationships are making them feel, the thoughts rising up around them, their personality and individual traits, big life experiences, traumas, etc. but instead of just seeing what you're talking about, I've attuned myself to see the patterns behind it all to get right down in to true healing. I immediately go in to the energy of everything you're bringing up. I'm feeling it in my chakras(which are really your chakras), I'm feeling it in my nervous system(so how much fear is present at the core of it), I go in to the root of what's manifesting in your life and out of the illusions of what you're experiencing on the physical plane because many times what's really going on or the reason why something is here you can't see when you're stuck in survival patterns or solely in your physical body(because that's the smallest part of who you are). So I go in to the clarity of what created it in the first place. And more often than not all of these different manifestations in all different areas have the same exact pattern, belief system, imprints, energetic contracts, fears, etc. that are just branching out into all of these other manifestations or "symptoms" in your reality because energy is infinite and you're a multidimensional being meaning you're not just physical, you're energetic, your emotional, your mental too.


So through my work, because I can see these energy patterns, I help give people clarity as to why they are the way they are and grant consciousness of their subconscious. Of what stories they've been carrying that might not align with who they are now or who they desire to be, and help them reclaim their Sovereign identity instead of a lineage or family identity because our subconscious is created ages 1-7 aka you're creating your self, your personality, understanding who you are and how to connect with the world along with how safe you are, during that time.


This work is so important because your thoughts and your subconscious are creating the world you live in. And when you're unconscious of the stories that are held within you and the thoughts you're thinking, your emotions that are trying to serve you, you're living from a place of "circumstance" and you claim victim-hood more often than not from this state of being. You tend to think the world is against you and then every time something you don't desire happens you keep finding more experiential evidence to then affirm that truth - the mind's purpose is to find the proof and it will because the mind is creating the experience.


Everything that is currently in your life is a result of your thoughts, your past lives, your intentional focus, your feeling state, and the patterns you're carrying around with you comprising 99.9% of your energetic self. When so much of something keeps receivingawareness consciously or unconsciously, it then becomes dense and manifests physically. As you share with me all that's coming up for you and what's present in your current reality, what I'm really seeing is what energy patterns are present underneath this reality. I'm able to see the underlying patterns, core belief systems, lineage patterns, wounds, traumas, discordance, imbalance that's hindering your highest potential and then give YOU ways to go ahead and help rewrite it by re-framing your focus and by sharing with you self-empowerment tools and greater understanding as to why you are the way you are or why your life has been the way it's been for you thus far. Please understand that no one else can heal you, but you. Many claim to heal, but if you don't know how to do that your self you're going to spend forever relying on another and that isn't power or healing at all. You also are the only one in control of your thoughts, your emotions, your words, and your actions. So another can clear the energy, or assist you vibrationally, but if YOU continue choosing the same patterns they just cleared, you're going to keep recreating that same reality and then be upset as to why nothing's working. That's why I'm here. To help reflect your own power back to you. So that you don't have to constantly seek another, that you're so strong in your capabilities and your awareness and you believe in yourself so dang much, that you know how to heal what's no longer serving you and your conscious of everything with in you which means in your power of what you receive as well.


- you need help identifying what subconscious patterns or core belief systems created back in childhood and more unconscious states of being are still co-creating resistance, blocks, and hindrance to your highest embodiment and potentials and then how to rewrite them and heal internally so that the outside world then reflects that internal vibrational shift.


- you're trying to understand dynamics and energetics in a relationship and maybe why this person was called into your life, from the heart or from a wound or attachment and if they're serving your highest or what they were here to teach you about yourself - our connections outside of us are mirrors into our connection with our self

- you need someone to simply just listen and support you, a lifeline of sorts, a light in the dark tunnel, some strength beneath your wings to help propel you through whatever has currently come up for you

- life is just getting very overwhelming as you're moving through tough lessons and you're seeking clarity as to why this is all here a from a higher perspective and how to move through this for your individual highest

- for big events that come on "randomly" to help gain some insight as to what could be underlying them

- for times when you are triggered and need assistance seeing how you can heal this underlying energy or where this trigger is coming from

- for guidance as to how to move forward through something that you're having a difficult time with and need someone who can see it from a higher perspective

- to help you return to your highest self-empowerment and Divine self-expression


- if you're trying to understand trauma and it's impact on you or why this manifested in your life

- if you just want to talk to me and feel some loving support from someone who sees you through the eyes of non-judgement and who knows what its like to be so incredibly empathic and has been through and overcome a lot in a really expanding and sometimes very heavy feeling world right now

- for reminders of your resilience, energetic nature, infinite capacity and Divine birthrights

- for any questions you have regarding your energetic nature or whats occurring on the planet right now


- for those wanting to understand more energetic things like grounding, chakras, energy, cleansing, protection, the divine masculine and feminine, the toxic or wounded masculine and feminine or any other questions along these lines

- for those who are highly empathic and sensitive and can find themselves having some trouble making sense of their reality or this world in general

- if you need suggestions as to certain practices for cleansing, grounding, forgiveness, love, balance, creation, chakras, invocations and affirmations, etc. or questions overall about this unique physical journey and ascension

- and anything else that your heart desires - this is for you!

Please read through all Questions and answers below to see more about how I specifically work and how to prepare for a session with me!

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Because I'm able to see multil-dimensionally and into the energetics of who you are and what you're experiencing, so beyond just what's physically present, I help offer you such a deeper understanding of yourself, of your journey from a higher perspective, of patterns you're carrying subsconsiously that you might not even realize, where you could be getting into your own way and possibly self-sabotaging. This new awareness will assist you in rewriting and shifting focus to help create new patterns and belief systems that serve who you desire to embody.



Alignment is your highest and most natural state of being. When you're aligned your bodies(mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual) are working as One in unity with your divinity. When you're aligned you're in your center, less moved and effected by the things outside of you. The intention of the work we do together is to help remove misalignment and that which is keeping you from being in harmony with your heart and higher self so that you have an easier time moving along your journey and are less reactive and thrown off of your center because you're so rooted into your wholeness.



Freedom comes from a couple of things. !. Clarity and awareness which is exactly what I extend to you in our time together and 2. cleansing and having the tools, and practices to help you release, let go of, and rewrite the patterns that aren't serving you. My other favorite part about what I offer is the ability I have to see in to the root of the energy pattern of what's manifesting you and with this awareness you then are able to see in the light and gifts in everything so once you merge back with your heart, you're back free. Your heart is your most infinite space of being.



Healing is happening energetically when we work together, but also consciously as I'll be assisting you in identifying and empowering you with new tools and practices to help heal the root patterns that are still manifesting in your life that aren't serving your highest. Our work together will also be largely identifying core fears that are suppressing your divine self-expression and your heart which is your most powerful source of being and healing.



In our time together I'll be holding space for you to reclaim even higher levels of your power. This is the power to return to your divine worth, to your soul, to take back control of your journey and to be the conscious co-creator of your future. This means I'll help walk you through how to overcome what isn't benefiting you by guiding you in reprogramming your subconscious core belief systems that way you can merge back with  your Sovereign identity.


Transformation + Shifts

The most powerful benefit of our time together is the automatic shift that comes from new awareness, clarity, healing, and empowerment. As your energy shifts via energy work, as your thoughts change via enlightened insight and we help your emotions flow, you too will see this internal shift reflected in the world outside of you. Things that support you even more will show up on you behalf because you're doing the necessary work to support your abundance internally.


Below I've gone ahead and tried to answer a majority of questions you might have about these unique sessions, how they work, and can serve you. If you have anymore questions please don't hesitate to reach out to me via the contact form on the bottom of the page or at


Please note that all sessions times are currently in MST, aligned with Denver, CO. You can calculate your time difference here I do currently work with clients all over the world so if you need a time outside of what's available above please just message me and I'd be happy to try and help work with your schedule as long as it's not too far outside of the times listed as those are when I'm in my highest awareness and consciousness.

Once you purchase a session you automatically are agreeing to abide by all of YOU ARE LUMINOUS LLC'S shop policies. You can find this info on my Sessions Policies page.

    Right now I have been guided to work only with women. I ask also that you are over the age of 20. And most importantly I ask that you have a strong desire invested in to wanting to move forward in your life. That you are ready to begin letting go of what isn't of service to your highest and that you are ready to take responsibility for the world around you and within you by doing that remembering that you own your power to rewrite whatever you so desire to. I ask that you're open to believing that so much more exists out there for you. I ask that you are open to receiving information that could assist your path even if its something you never saw for your self and maybe even much different than how you "wanted" your life to go, but also an opportunity that could allow you to receive more than you ever imagined.
    Sessions can be done over the phone or via voice recordings and text. I do work with clients all over the world so being in a different country is no problem. We can connect via Whatsapp, Signal, Telegram, etc. If you did want to work via voice recordings and texts, here's some benefits to this way of connecting... On 1-on-1 call where there is a direct and immediate interaction, there isn't time to slow down necessarily and to properly process information, to receive all of the information with all of my senses clear and fully engaged, not just the words you're saying, but the feelings and where they're showing up in my(your) body, where are they stemming from, the masculine or feminine, how the nervous system is responding(so how much fear is present in the patterns) and then the energy too. There also isn't always time to really think about the "right" questions to ask, to always have time to ask them, especially in the magnitude that I receive information multi-dimensionally. I have found through a lot of soul guidance, sessions, and success with working this wa that this is the healthiest way that I can work to serve my client's highest. I'm able to go back to something you've said, reintegrate it on deeper levels, take a second to process it instead of immediately feeling a need to respond which can cause inaccurate information and not the highest information you deserve to be relayed as it can just come from the healer's personal experience instead of what purpose it was really there for you, and most importantly, because my work is all around self-empowerment, it calls the client into higher levels of their empowerment too. You might think, how can that be? Well, when we're connecting that intimately, voice to voice, yes energetically, this is a very intimate connection because we're working through more amplified frequency, one can pull on the other's energy unconsciously and not stand as strongly in their own space and be more reliant and co-dependent on the one "healing" them. In this format there is a bit of space or detachment in the connection where the client actually gets to call on their self even more. I see it energetically and it's the most beautiful thing while doing this work together. I also love this format because the client gets a minute to process things too and in the freedom of their own space and sometimes this information could be a lot for you too as it's new and from a much higher level than maybe you're used to receiving on top of the energy work also going on. Some people also have a harder time opening up and being more vulnerable with another's energy present, or maybe they're working through their own wounds of judgement and might feel like someone else could be judging them. Not everyone wants to cry or process their deeper and more vulnerable emotions, and although that's an important part of growth, I want everyone who comes to me to feel as safe as possible because this allows for their energy to actually truly receive what information I'm offering them on an even deeper level. With this way of working together, you will have these voice recordings to replay as often as desired, which most clients have absolutely loved so that they can listen to them again and again every time they're starting to feel stuck or the same patterns are coming up to help them remember their divine truth.
    There is no need to prepare for a session! You are welcome exactly as you are without having to show up in a any certain way. If you did want to tune in and get quiet and write down your intentions for our session and specifics of why you felt drawn to me or what you wanted to specifically talk about, of course you absolutely can, but that's not necessary. I trust that whatever shows up in our time together is what was meant to surface for you.
    This lies entirely up to you. I'm here to support your path in any means necessary and to give you guidance as it relates to your current situations and what's manifesting all around you in hopes to help you realign with the life you're so worthy of and desiring. Common topics that do tend to come up: - lots of deeper understanding as to current connections one is in and what place within you invited this connection in, wounds or the heart, and whether its beneficial to keep it moving forward and then if it is, how to go about that - deeper insight as to understand your underlying and subconscious energetic patterns that result in everything that's showing up in your life - root energetics as to illnesses, diseases, autoimmunity, physical ailments, etc. - guidance as to how to move forward on your highest path possible - how to go about re-balancing your life - Nervous System awareness and support - helping and supporting you in meeting your self-protective parts and traumas with compassion and understanding There is no judgement during a session and the information we discuss will never leave our session. I honor your journey, I honor your vulnerability, and I honor your willingness to desire more for yourself and for taking the action towards receiving that and I hold that sacred with you. It's also important to realize that I can only show up for you at the amount that you show up for you. I AM here as your equal and your mirror. Because I show up to honor your energy and to not invade or cross your own personal boundaries or what you're comfortable with. If you really want to heal at a deep level, you must really dive and go deep in what you share with me as I can only meet you at the level you meet yourself and I can only access information to the level that you share information with me. It's ok if this is something you're not quite sure how to do, I will ask questions and guide you along the way to help stir up specific things.
    Well, I consider all humans to be psychic and clairvoyant. By natural birthright and in our purest essence we are One with all that is and walk with the upmost clarity, but most of us have shut these abilities off or have simply just stop being aware of them due to fear and survival parts of us that had to block us from these parts of us if there was ever a lack of safety created around them. But to answer your question, No. I'm not here to predict your future or how your relationship or path will go as you are the creator of that, not me. You have the power to change your course at any moment by divine free will choice so I leave your future up to you as I'm not the one who will be living in it or receiving it, you will be. I also don't communicate with other Gods/Goddesses/Your Guardian Angels/Angels/Ascended Masters/Galactic/star Beings or communicate with the Dead or those who have transitioned etc. My work lies in my ability to read energy and to see energetic patterns specifically relating to core wounds, subconscious patterns, self-protective parts, and traumas that are hindering your highest potential. I also do tend to see past lives and will share if I feel this is of service to your highest.
    Firstly, I'm not crazy about the word healing or healer because there is no point ever in this journey where 1. anything is ever "wrong" with us, that's a judgement and an illusion and 2. there's also no point where we're totally "healed" in terms of what humans look at this as. We're here to continue to experience, learn, grow, and there's no final destination. There beauty is in the journey. But, "Healing" is happening constantly, and most often in forms that look completely unlike what we consider to be "healing." On a cellular level you're constantly transmuting, purifying, cleansing, and upgrading and this is where I tend to work - in the energetic space which can't be physically "seen". "Healing" however is ultimately up to the client. The client must be an active participant in changing their potential and free will to create something new by shifting their perspectives, moving stagnant and unresolved energy out of their body and subconscious which of course starts with implementing a new focus, new practices, and rewriting a new mindset and then that is what manifests in their future physical world as their new desired reality. My guess is you were drawn to me for a reason, whether that reason is known or unknown, so even just in our energetic exchange healing work is taking place. It might not be as profound as your "expectations" in just one session because we can only get through so much in a short amount of time, but you also have yet to see what these subtle shifts or clarity from our working together can shift and awaken for your future self and gift you with. The way I work is that I help show you subconscious patterns that might be self-protecting and not allowing you to get to where you desire to go and bring to light what internally is continuing to create connections and experiences outside of you that are not what you desire, and then share with you tools to to support your in seeing that/those parts of yourself and things to be conscious of in your future. "Healers" are just here to hold space for your own ability to heal - because at your purest level you are a "healer" too - you've just forgotten how. So if a "healer" claims they can "100% fix you", it's a scam and an illusion. Your "healing" needs you. It requires you to shift you. You have to follow through with committing to new thought forms, behaviors, choices, etc. You have to support your body with the proper means, food, environment, thought-forms and choices to support YOUR change, no one else can do that for you. It is all up to you. And that is the most powerful gift you've ever been given.
    Of course they are, especially for multiple session packages! I completely honor that everyone is at different stages of their unique journey and thus different financial states as well. I am more than happy to break down a payment for you, but the payment must be completed in full before the session if you're just purchasing one session and if you've signed up for a package, at least a certain agreed upon amount must be paid before our first session together.
    CUSTOM TIME I have worked with many to help create a session that works with both their spiritual and financial needs or with whatever's currently going on, I will however not work longer then 90 minutes at a time as this can fry out both of our energies as a lot takes place during our session together. EVERYTHING APPEARS TO BE SOLD OUT? I may be sold out, traveling, or simply taking a break from sessions, but normally can always create space for you if you're seeking assistance so please just contact me if you don't see the offering you're needing.
    All session policies are listed under SESSIONS POLICIES under the SESSION heading on this website. When purchasing anything on my website, especially a session, you are automatically agreeing to my shop and session policies and must abide by them. So please make sure you have a chance to read through them before you go ahead and purchase a session with me to make sure that they resonate with you before you agree to them.
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