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"The words you speak become the house you live in."

- Hafiz

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The Power of Affirmations

Every single thing that we express through out our entire being is an affirmation by definition. We are always declaring something about our current reality and affirming its position in our existence. How we do this most potently, whether consciously or unconsciously, is through our speech as sound is an amplified form of frequency. How we are talking to ourselves, about ourselves, how we are talking to others and about others, this is all sending out energy on our behalf and determining what we are then going to receive. By the law of attraction and the law of resonance, we create and draw to us more of the same reality or vibration in which we are currently residing in.

The throat is our area of self expression in our physical vessel. It’s our place of truth, creativity, passion, artistic abilities, our purpose and communication. It's where we literally communicate or express to the Universe, everything outside of us, who we are internally. As we send out a message we then receive an echo of a like message that reflects that inner truth back to us. Because the Universe knows we are a Powerful Co-creator of our reality, it's expecting that we are always choosing on behalf of our highest as that's what we truly deserve and who we innately are and so wanting our life on Earth to be much easier, it's job is to then deliver that right back to us tenfold. So many are not in awareness of how truly powerful this gift is though. To speak and think of what we desire, what we are truly deserving of so that it can be effortlessly delivered to us. Not only are we declaring what we want on the physical plane, but we energetically are sending out resonances. We’re communicating to our cells. Our body is listening and stands of our DNA are being activated and reawakened by these frequencies. When we speak words of harmony, of love, of faith and encouragement, we are promoting healing within our being and continuing to attract more experiences where love, appreciation, and ease are reflected back to us. When we speak lower density words of hate, anger, separation, we are adding toxicity and blocks with in which lead to disease if they are continued throughout a lifetime and also continue to be reaffirmed by our outer experiences- it’s all just a mirror.

Speaking words of encouragement, hope and love hold a higher vibrational frequency and they carry more light thus they are able to transmute any lower vibrations and rewrite them. Words of negativity, such as hate and separation, anger and swear words all are heavy and hold a lot of discordant energy thus interrupting our field and causing toxicity within us and this lower expression will disallow or block our blessings from actually coming and create unnecessary obstacles on our path. The more we repeat words of disharmony, the more negative our environment becomes because, like I said above, the Universe is just reflection back more of what we are.

So that's where affirmations come in as a way to take our power back and rewrite our life, yes, literally all of our life - within and without. (because without is just what's within) We can CONSCIOUSLY(conscious is the key word) use our speech, and our thoughts to interrupt the thoughts and words that aren't feeding our desires and create new neural connections that instead rewrite the obsolete and false patterns we have been running subconsciously and consciously. How do we do that.. well you only speak words of a higher vibration and as soon as anything non-desirable pops in or you hear it come out of your mouth as an automatic response to life, you pause and heal it right then and there. The more you then continue to repeat what it is you do want, the more you are kinder to your self, the more those false beliefs start to dissolve and stop showing up because there's nothing to feed them anymore.

If you want to take back your power and rewrite all areas of your being, I have a ton of offerings below that show you the proper way to go about doing this POWERFUL AND POTENT self-healing work. I see a lot of people out there proclaiming affirmations and showing others how to affirm, but so much of what they're saying is attracting the opposite vibration of what they actually desire so its really important that youre doing this in a way that will serve your Highest. I'm so excited to be there to support you through this process of reclaiming your light.


Love always, Kristen


We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.


If you're interested in Wholesale pricing for any of my Affirmation card decks, or custom Affirmation card decks, please just send me an email using the link below. I'm so excited to hear from you. x

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