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60 min 1-on-1 SOUL EMPOWERMENT

60 min 1-on-1 SOUL EMPOWERMENT

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Please honor that this session is for 60 mins of time together. If we go over there will be an additional charge added on.


- you need help identifying what subconscious patterns or self-protective parts are still co-creating resistance, blocks, discordance, and hindrance to your highest embodiment and potentials and then how to rewrite them and heal internally so that the outside world then reflects that internal vibrational shift.

- you need a compassionate and understanding witness/ally to simply just listen and support you, a lifeline of sorts, a light in the dark tunnel, some strength beneath your wings to help propel you through whatever has currently come up for you

- understanding underlying dynamics in a relationship as all relationships are just a mirror of our internal connection with our self which is a product of our subconscious patterns mostly formed in childhood​​

- if you're ready to step out of your identities of fear and generational traumas and patterns to embody and return to your sovereign identity which is your divine self-expression ​​

- life is just getting very overwhelming as you're moving through tough lessons and you're seeking clarity as to how to move through this for your individual highest

- for big events that come on "randomly" to help gain some insight as to what could be underlying them and what purpose they're here to serve from a higher perspective

- for times when you are triggered and need assistance seeing how you can heal this underlying energy or where this trigger is coming from within your energy field

- for guidance as to how to move forward through something that you're having a difficult time with and need someone who can see it from a higher perspective

- to help you return to your highest self-empowerment and Divine self-expression

- if you just want to talk to me and feel some loving support from someone who sees you through the eyes of non-judgement and who knows what its like to be so incredibly empathic in a really expanding and sometimes very heavy feeling world right now

- for reminders of your resilience, energetic nature, infinite capacity and Divine birthrights

- for those who are highly empathic and sensitive and can find them selves having some trouble making sense of their reality or this world in general

- if you need suggestions as to certain practices for establishing boundaries, cleansing, grounding, forgiveness, love, balance, creation, chakras, invocations and affirmations, etc. or questions overall about this unique physical journey and ascension, etc!.


My biggest work here in this world is Self-empowerment and helping you come back into your body and to a regulated Nervous System which includes you being all to be in acceptance, harmony and understanding with all that is within you and thus the world outside of you.

We come in to this world with our soul and we leave with our soul and we are here on behalf of our individual souls. Without reclaiming our empowerment, and returning to our body, we stay stuck forever in fear because we’re always waiting and relying on something else to fix us, save us, help us, when really we were gifted with everything we could ever need right within our own vehicle. Instead of waiting or relying on something outside of you to save you, which will always keep you in lack, anxiousness, fear, victimhood, control, blame, anger, etc. I want you to come back in to the awareness that you are your own medicine and that you have the power to regulate yourself and to rewrite, retrain, and reprogram absolutely anything and everything no matter how long it's been held in your subconscious.

You are the one whose going to give you everything you need. And you are the only one who can change what’s happening internally, your subconscious, your patterns, behaviors, heal your traumas and wounds and re-frame your perspective to allow life to work in so much harmony with you again, to help alter what you’re attracting in to your physical experience.

This path isn’t always easy. It requires us to truly look at ourselves and what doesn't serve us, facing our "shadows", simply just all parts of who we are, and resolving and moving past fear, but this is the most worthy path you will ever walk and its solely why you incarnated in times such as these. To remember your power. It's also the only way we can truly heal and return back to love, balance and harmony both internally and externally.

SO with that being said, what I do in my sessions is help get to the root of your subconscious patterns. As you share with me what's coming up for you mentally, emotionally, physically, and energetically/spiritually, if your aware of those realms, I then am able to see through all of the different physical forms which are an illusion to me, and identify what underlying fear, self-protective parts, survival mechanisms, imprints and programming is hidden beneath all that is showing up your current reality. Because all of our physical manifestations can distract us. They can look like so many things, but there’s always a core pattern or belief system that then spirals off in to all of these other things when we haven’t addressed it simply because we didn't even really know what it was and then those underlying core mis-alignments or discordance with our own love and power continue to almost make life feel like its in opposition with us which then can reaffirm to your mind that there really is something to fear.

So I’m here to help give you clarity as to the root of these patterns, where they came from - your childhood, your lineage, your past life’s, etc. and then help to re empower YOU to rewrite them. Show you different avenues of your potential and ways you can go about shifting them into something that now feels more beneficial and aligned with your sovereign identity along with why this is actually serving you and your path. How you can re-frame this to work with you. Ways you can move forward.

You have to be your own change. No one else, absolutely no one, especially me, can fix you or rewrite you for you. And that is the beauty of this work, you get to return to your power to get through absolutely anything. So then it becomes less about anything that's happening because you already know you have the strength to overcome and be one with all that is, so then you merge back into harmony with all expressions of life, fear is removed/resolved, your self-protective parts feel safe, and then everything in existence feels really truly on your side because you know you have power over your life and your creations. And that at any time you can create anything you desire.

Right now these sessions are open and reserved for women 18 & over. You also do not need to have a background in anything spiritual, etc. to work with me or any certain level of awareness. I do however very much focus on the Nervous System as this is the core/root of everything that exists.

Your session can be done over the phone, via texts/so a combination of texting/voicenotes, Whatsapp, or Signal, which is a free international communication service.

I truly pray and intend that I can be in highest service to your most beautiful and unique empowered embodiment.

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