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40% OFF! 6 week Mentorship Container

40% OFF! 6 week Mentorship Container

If you prefer to purchase this Mentorship with a payment plan, please just email me - or dm me and I can set that up for you!


- 6 60 min. weekly sessions

- Outside support Mon - Friday from 10am-8pm CST via voicenote, text or email


- FREE Understanding + Supporting your Nervous System Course that's full of 650+ pages of educational content, 10+ hours of recorded content, 70+ self-regulation and co-regulation practices - $422 value


- 50 + pages of Interactive worksheets with Journal Prompts, Practices, questions to continue further Nervous System self-discovery- Nervous System Mapping, identifying your baseline, your Window of Tolerance, and Polyvagal ladder

- Greater self awareness and embodiment

- Understanding of your Nervous System and how to identify the states it's moving into which will guide you as to how to properly regulate for that state and help it feel truly seen

- Identification of what self-protective parts, coping mechanisms, and lineage patterns your parts are still holding onto and are a dominant part of your current reality because they still may not know the past is over yet

- Ways to re-see or to re-frame the ways in which your Nervous System and body is adapting to your currently reality out of perceived survival - this will help you see how your body is truly working for you instead of against you

- Feeling deeply seen and supported and showing you how to create an even stronger connection in these areas with yourself which helps your Nervous System feel safe so it can regulate

- So many tools to support you in regulating based off of your specific inner child parts and the ways in which they are still longing to be seen

- and SO MUCH MORE!!

- if you’re seeking support as you navigate immense change
- if you’re stuck in chronic stress, dysregulation, anxiety, panic, disassociation or shutdown
- if you’re moving through grief, loss, breakups, heartache, endings and it feels very hard to let go or like you can make it on your own
- if you find yourself continuously repeating cycles and reliving the same life everyday
- if you feel stuck or that it’s hard to move forward
- if you feel afraid to feel your emotions, thoughts and to express yourself
- if you often become frozen or paralyzed
- if you have a strong desire for change and are ready to do the work to create new patterns
- if you are looking for someone who’s nonjudgemental to walk through your journey with you
- if you’re ready to create a new life for yourself and step off of old cycles
- if you’re ready to return to your body, receive your intuition and feel life flowing through you again
- if you long to reclaim your power, your voice, your being and your authentic truth

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