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Anxiety is one of our most misunderstood self-protective symptoms. When we experience anxiety we often feel as though something is wrong with us, that our body is no longer safe, that life isn't safe, but what's actually happening inside of us couldn't be further from that. Anxiety is an amazing product of our Nervous system's state of Mobilization and is the clearest sign that everything is right with us! That our Nervous system is working so hard for us and is actually trying to help us survive and to support us in protecting us in this unique way!


I created this course to help you truly understand what anxiety is. That clarity alone can help create a new relationship to this part and response in you which can bridge safety. I'll then also teach you how to create resolve with anxiety and to regulate for it specifically! Lastly I'll talk about how anxiety can effect connection and what you can do to support yourself if you feel anxiously attached or codependent and how to show up for a partner who may feel this way to to allow for healthier connection both within and outside of us.



  • 300 pages of educational material
  • 5 hours of recorded videos covering all educational materials
  • 50 + Self and co-regulating Practices specifically for an anxious state
  • 365 days inside of the course to integrate all of the material. All content is available to download and keep forever
  • 20 interactive worksheets to further support regulating your anxiety



Module 1: Understanding the NERVOUS SYSTEM, Trauma, Subconscious and Conscious mind and how we perceive safety and danger

Module 2: POLYVAGAL THEORY + THE STATES OF THE NERVOUS SYSTEM - these are our self-protective states that anxiety is a result of 


Module 4: Emotionally and Physically REGULATING for Anxiety with the Self and others + I'll be talking all about THE VAGUS NERVE which is what allows us to remain calm and not be in such a mobilized and reactive state

MODULE 5: How anxiety shows up in connection and in attachment styles.


[ Upon purchase of this course there are no refunds and also upon completion of this course there is no guarantee of healing. Please read the full disclaimer on my website before purchase as all purchases are automatically abiding by these agreements. ]

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