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WELCOME beautiful soul!!


I'm so excited to have you in this space learning more about the totality of your existence and all that you are! Our energy field is one of the most underrated and most important aspects of the Self. It comprises all that we are, even our physicality and density, but especially the subtle realms which are your emotions, subconscious, feminine energy, thought-forms, believe systems, intuition, senses and your nervous system! This is the part of you that feels and picks up on things far before you have the ability to make sense and process them. This is your divine intelligence.


I created this course to give you more understanding and thus more power over your overall health and well-being because once you understand this part of you, you'll then be able to comprehend and gain more awareness as to what's showing up physically because the subtle realms comprise over 99% of your being while your physicality is less that 1%!! This course is here to help support a whole new relationship with yourself and to help you truly understand your multidimensionality.



  • 150 pages of educational content
  • 3 hours of recorded material covering all of the content
  • Better awareness and understanding of your entire being on all levels



MODULE 1: Understanding your Multidimensional Self. I'll be going over your Energetic Nature, Subtle Reams, Subconscious, Chakras, etc.

MODULE 2: Root Chakra - center of safety and support

MODULE 3: Sacral Chakra - center of the feminine + masculine, pleasure, relationships, emotions

MODULE 4: Solar Plexus Chakra - center our of power, self-worth, and self-mastery

MODULE 5: Heart Chakra - center of love, feminine, compassion, union

MODULE 6: Throat Chakra - center of authenticity, our voice, the safety to be who we are

MODULE 7: Third eye Chakra - center of higher vision, higher self, clarity, intuition

MODULE 8: Crown Chakra - center of Oneness, universal and collective unity


[ Upon purchase of this course there are no refunds. Also upon completion of this course there is no guarantee of healing. Please read the full disclaimer on my website before purchase as all purchases are automatically abiding by these agreements. ]

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