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THE MIRROR Course- Cultivating Healthy Connection

THE MIRROR Course- Cultivating Healthy Connection

I'm so excited to have you joining this 8 week self-guided THE MIRROR COURSE 🪞dedicated to supporting you in cultivating and understanding healthy connection from a Nervous System perspective, which is the root of all relation. This course will also guide you as to how to repair and create more harmony within your partnerships and relationships based off of the state of the Nervous System that you and your partner move into when you're triggered. This will allow your inner child parts to feel tended to and seen both by you and them and allow you to see theirs as well so that you can move back into a state of regulation.


If you'd prefer to pay with a payment plan - 3 payments once a month for 3 months, please click here:




- 8 modules which include 1-4 lessons each module - 8 weeks long

- 15 hours worth of recorded content going over all of the educational materials

- 700 pages of educational material

- 50 pages of worksheets, guides, practices, journal prompts, affirmations, self discovery questions

- 70 + self and co-regulating practices

- 1 Year inside of the course to integrate all of the material and then all content is available for saving, download and printing so you can have it forever.

- and so much more!!





MODULE 1 - Understanding the basic functioning of the Nervous System, Stress, Trauma, The Conscious and Subconscious mind, and how we perceive safety and danger

MODULE 2 - Polyvagal Theory, The states of our Nervous System and how they show up in our body via thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and the importance of the Vagus Nerve and how to stimulate it

MODULE 3 - Emotions, the emotional body, and how we express ourselves. The Inner Child, Our Parts, how we Self-protect, coping mechanisms, survival patterns, the Importance of the maternal line + connection with the Mother and how our Inner child shows up in Connection

MODULE 4 - Connection of all kinds, Connection vs. Attachment, Attachment styles,The MIRROR, The NS role in connection, the Masculine and Feminine embodiments, wounded parts, practices, how to rebalance, and giving and receiving for reciprocal connections

MODULE 5 - Your energy body, how much your energy field can effect those around us especially in connection, the chakras and their role in connection

MODULE 6 - Dysregulation, Rupture, Navigating Conflict based off of each other’s Nervous system states, triggers, signs of an unhealthy relationship, the energy of addiction, gaslighting, narcissism, why those with trauma can be drawn to narcissists, feeling unheard and unseen, the energy of blame, endings, grief, the neuroscience of breakups and why it can feel so hard to let go, moving on in a healthy way, the energy of Abandonment

MODULE 7 - Regulation and what it looks like based off of the different states of the Nervous system that we move into, how to properly regulate and 70 + Regulating Practices for the self and how to regulate with our partners or those we’re in connection with

MODULE 8 -  Healthy connection, Healing, Coming back into union and harmony, how to create repair, how to help each other feel seen and heard in connection, how to let a healthy connection in, how to reclaim your power to still be an authentic in connection, Creating healthy boundaries, types boundaries, creating greater intimacy, sacred sexuality, womb work


[ Upon purchase of this course there are no refunds and upon completion of this course there is no guarantee of healing or total and complete shifts in a relationship as that is the responsibility of both people in that connection. Please read the full disclaimer on my website before purchase as all purchases are automatically abiding by these agreements. ]


Once you purchase this Course you will be manually added into the Course space within 48 hours. Please look out for an email from You are Luminous that will help direct you to make a password and also give you the link to login.



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