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60 min Soul Empowerment session

To provide clarity, empowerment, & nervous system understanding

  • 1 h
  • 337 US dollars

Service Description

Please note that this session is only for 60 mins of time together! If you feel you need more I have Mentorships available so we can dive deeper. THIS SESSION IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: - you need help identifying what subconscious patterns or self-protective parts are still co-creating resistance, blocks, discordance, and hindrance to your highest embodiment and potentials and then how to rewrite them and heal internally so that the outside world then reflects that internal vibrational shift. - you need a compassionate and understanding witness/ally to simply just listen and support you, a lifeline of sorts, a light in the dark tunnel, some strength beneath your wings to help propel you through whatever has currently come up for you - understanding underlying dynamics in a relationship as all relationships are just a mirror of our internal connection with our self which is a product of our subconscious patterns mostly formed in childhood​​ - if you're ready to step out of your identities of fear and generational traumas and patterns to embody and return to your sovereign identity which is your divine self-expression ​​ - life is just getting very overwhelming as you're moving through tough lessons and you're seeking clarity as to how to move through this for your individual highest - for big events that come on "randomly" to help gain some insight as to what could be underlying them and what purpose they're here to serve from a higher perspective - for times when you are triggered and need assistance seeing how you can heal this underlying energy or where this trigger is coming from within your energy field - for guidance as to how to move forward through something that you're having a difficult time with and need someone who can see it from a higher perspective - to help you return to your highest self-empowerment and Divine self-expression - if you just want to talk to me and feel some loving support from someone who sees you through the eyes of non-judgement and who knows what its like to be so incredibly empathic in a really expanding and sometimes very heavy feeling world right now - for reminders of your resilience Once you purchase a session you are automatically agreeing to all of You are Luminous LLC.'s policies that are stated throughout my site, so please purchase intentionally. If you're a no show, meaning I call you for your session and you don't answer/show up, the full price of the session will be kept.

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