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I n v o c a t i o n s

Reclaim your Power

Rewrite your destiny


In every given moment we are shaping and creating our destiny. And there has never been a time as powerful as now to be incarnated on Earth and to be conscious of our true abilities and potential. The energies of transformation and possibility are more intensified on our planet then ever before giving more amplification behind each energy and allowing us to be the most magnificent co-creators if we so choose.


By Divine free will, with each choice we make, with each thought we think, with each feeling we feel, and with each word we speak we are triggering energy within our personal field to awaken. This energy is then sent out in to all of existence and through the universal law of attraction and the law of resonance we are magnetizing back to us the vibration in which we are occupying.

I know that whatever is currently in our life is a product of such and that if anything currently exists in our field or physical reality that we are unhappy with, that is in disharmony with our soul, or that’s not bringing us complete and utter joy, it is out responsibility and greatest honor on behalf of our soul to rewrite it and create what we now desire to exist.

I also want to state that not everything that's currently in your reality is a product of this lifetime and your choices made in this lifetime. Many times a reality shows up for us which we don’t even know how it was created because we are 99.9999% energy vs. only the .0001% that is the physical self and physical reality you see before you along with your conscious choices you have made in this lifetime. So what's showing up most likely has been carried down in your genetic lineage and is from a reality not in this time and space, a “past life”, even another persons patterning or imprinting you've unknowingly processed, received, taken on or absorbed in your body, mind or soul, or from our genetic lineage that was triggered here and now as all exists as One in a quantum field, and our soul is calling us to clear this said reality so that we can rise higher.

Through creating and channeling invocations, I discovered a way to rewrite my current blueprint and my current reality. Your blueprint is your energetic record of your past, your present, and all of your future potentials held within your DNA and energetic field - the foundation of who you are. It's your energetic signature that you carry with you always. It is what was created at the beginning of time which carries the purest aspects of who you are. Since our soul is infinite and exists outside of time and space, we have the ability to activate absolutely anything we desire by the power of conscious intent and also to cleanse, clear, remove and release what we no longer wish to experience.

These invocations are also so beneficial because they assist in clearing your subconscious and all densities that may have been acquired throughout your journeys through time and space or that you have knowingly or unknowingly taken on, received, or processed for others. It is no longer of highest service for you to take on collective energies in your being and to process them. Each being has the divine right and responsibility to live at their highest capacity by returning to their own source light and to not use others in such a manner. We each need to do our own work here and now. This is the highest act of self-love and love for another, to hold the example and space for them to to return to their highest self empowerment and capabilities.

Invocations have been my most powerful form of intentionally choosing my reality and transformation as I realized they worked at such a more profound level than most other tools. I use them daily for the big big energies or patterns that continuously show up that aren't serving me and they have helped me transmute and transform some truly incredible imprints that I've felt "stuck" or "trapped" in. They are declarations, intentions, decrees, demands, vows, commands, etc. on any vibration in existence, such as abundance, rebirth, perfect health, cleansing, grounding, peace, but most importantly they work at a cellular level to clear away the density, darkness, heaviness, and muck that could be interfering in our conscious intentions and help align us with our highest blueprint; to realign us with what already lies with in. When we truly acknowledge and take back our power and responsibility as co creators and manifestors of our own reality and universe, we step in to a whole new world of miracles and blessings. We are unified in complete harmony with our soul. We are the true living expression of radiant light and love. We are empowered as victors instead of victims.

My invocations are written with the intention to fully clear and then activate your highest as well. As you shine, I shine, and as I, you - we are one. They are created to serve you fully through whatever you are currently working through or wanting to rewrite and it is your responsibility to use them for your own highest good. By divine birthright you should be thriving in every area of your life and you should be ablaze with the holiest fires of love. This is my wish for you through these invocations; that you return to your most sacred state and live the life you are truly worthy of living.

Invocations have radically transformed my life and the life of many others who I've shared them with and I hope that if you are needing assistance in moving forward with more grace you will allow them to assist you as well.

in light, Kristen





Trust in the power of your healing. Trust that your wounds are portals of light.

Trust that the answers will come when your ready. Trust this is all orchestrated by the Divine.


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